Onward Rides must be notified of all reimbursements immediately. If we are notified of a reimbursement 12 hours or more after the completion of a ride, reimbursements cannot be processed and you will not receive your reimbursement.

If you were required to pay for parking during your trip, we will reimburse you for it. Following the completion of your trip, please contact Onward by simply sending a receipt, or a photo, of the parking charge and a reimbursement will be sent.  

Similar to the parking reimbursement, if your ride with a passenger incurs a toll, we will reimburse you for it.  Since we know the routes of your drive, we will often add on the toll as part of your fare. If you do not see this added, please inform us and we'll adjust it. 

Gas & Car Expenses
You, the driver, are responsible for your gas and car maintenance. However, we understand that some rides are longer and require more gas than others. This is why we pay more per hour for rides over 15 miles (details here) so you will have the funds for additional gas.  


  • Occasionally we will raise the pay rate for rides that have not been claimed. In these cases, we will contact you directly about the fare adjustment. 
  • There may be other purchases made on a trip, if they are for yourself, we will not reimburse for these. 
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