Yes and yes. 

Our process for vetting and onboarding a driver is: 

Step 1: Personal Vetting
We review each and every application to determine if they're a good candidate. Every promising candidate it personally evaluated through a video interview process - where they are vetted for high compassion and a desire to help others, along with a history working with those who need assistance.

Step 2: Vehicle inspection, and background check
Including their car - which must pass our 19 point vehicle inspection and certification. They will go through a comprehensive background check, and we will check their driving records.

Step 3: Training
All drivers are trained and onboarded to the highest standard. Trainings include: learning proper wheelchair transfers, how to properly stow a wheelchair or a walker, how to communicate with seniors, CPR + First Aid and more.

We know that you need to be able to trust our drivers. To date, less than 5% of all applicants have been hired as a result of our rigorous vetting process.

In addition, following the initial service and then at periodic intervals, we'll conduct surveys to gather additional feedback as we want to ensure our drivers are appreciated and provide great service. 

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