Time-based Pricing

For all services, Onward prices by the hour. There is a one hour minimum, and after the first hour the ride price is prorated to the minute.

The hourly rate varies per location.  

  • $33 per hour for rides going to or from the counties of: San Francisco, Marin, Santa Clara and San Mateo.  

  • $29 per hour all other rides including Alameda (Oakland) and Contra Costa counties.

  • Rides going to, from or within Los Angeles county are $29 per hour.

Mileage Charge

All rides also have a mileage charge of $2 per mile for every mile of the trip.


Across all locations, there are surcharges for specific circumstances:

  • Rides that begin outside of 8 AM - 7 PM are charged a $20 surcharge. Additionally rides that begin between 11 PM - 5 AM are charged an additional $20 late night surcharge.

  • Airport rides are charged a $20 surcharge

  • Rides on major holidays* are charged a $20 surcharge

  • Rides that are booked for the same day or the next day (today or tomorrow) are charged a $10 surcharge

  • Onward may pay for something on the trip on behalf of the customer, such as groceries. For only the amount of this purchase, we will add a 3% surcharge to cover the additional credit card fees.

Here is Onward's cancellation policy and Onward's alteration policy

Any tolls or parking charges that occur will be added to the final charge. 

Tips can be added after a trip by inputing the amount into the app or by calling our concierge (1-800-700-4797).

Automated Payment

When you create your account, we will store you credit card securely with our payment provider partner Stripe.  After the ride is complete you will be charged for the ride and will receive an email receipt.


*These are the holidays Onward observes: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day

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