Here's how we're different:

Best Drivers Around
All of our drivers are highly vetted and highly trained. They must pass a rigorous application process, their car must be thoroughly inspected and they must know CPR and First Aid. Beyond that they are all trained on senior specific needs like communicating with Dementia patients or how to transfer someone out of a wheelchair. Most importantly Onward drivers are screened for a true desire to help this generation.

Door-to-Door Service
While other services will pick you up at the curb, Onward will meet you at your door, accompany you to your destination, wait for you and escort you back into your home.

Extra Assistance
Whether it is carrying your groceries at the store and unpacking them once you get home, or capturing notes from your doctor's visit, Onward's drivers go above and beyond.

Round Trip Service
Errands and appointments can take a while, but Onward's drivers will wait for you, so that you don't have to book multiple rides or interact with different drivers.

Multiple Stops or People
Want to stop at the pharmacy on your way home from the grocery store? No problem. Want to bring a friend along with you to the museum? We've got you covered.

Flexible Reservations
Whether you're booking a ride for tomorrow, next month, or for every Tuesday and Thursday, Onward is there for you. Reservations can be made via our mobile app, website or by telephone.

Many of our clients build relationships with their drivers over time, as they get to know each other and the specifics of each relationship. That is why we let you request your favorite driver. We can't guarantee you'll get the same person as they might be on vacation or sick, but we'll try our best.

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