Since our drivers transport such precious cargo, Onward believes in administering the most extensive background checks possible. All drivers must pass the following background checks:

First, a Driving Record Check. During the application process Onward will review a driver's motor vehicle report to make sure they have a good driving record. 

Second, through a 3rd party online background check Onward will check the following records:

  1. Social Security Validation. We verify both the year and the state of issuance. 

  2. Sex Offender Check.  We search sex offender registries in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. 

  3. National Watchlist. We search various US and international government watch lists, such as the Office of Foreign Asset Control, Interpol and Specially Designated Nationals.

  4. National Criminal Database. The national criminal search is a multi-jurisdictional search that encompasses numerous sources. It includes national security sources, numerous federal databases, and arrest and criminal data from various local, county and state agencies.

  5. Specific County Criminal Search. For each applicant, we'll perform a county criminal search in the their most recent county of residence. This includes any legally reportable felony and misdemeanor convictions, pending cases and dismissed records.

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