In order to be a driver with Onward, your vehicle must meet certain criteria. These criteria are in place to ensure the safety and ease of use for our clientele.

Vehicle Requirements

  • 2010 model or newer -- this is an insurance requirement, no exceptions

  • Must be owned by the driver -- no borrowed or rented vehicles are allowed

  • Must be a 4-door, senior friendly car

  • Must be in good condition, smell neutrally and be clean

  • Must pass a 19 point vehicle inspection¬†

  • Must have full coverage vehicle insurance and ability to use vehicle for work purposes, as approved by the insurance provider

For a full review of our policies related to our vehicle requirements, please review: Driver and Trip Standards.

Updating a vehicle within Driver Profile

Once your vehicle has been associated with your Driver Profile upon completion of onboarding, we use that vehicle information for a few purposes. This includes things like: letting the customer know what car to expect, assigning specific vehicles for specific ride purposes (ie, someone can only go in a sedan, not SUV) and having verification on file that your vehicle is safe for a passenger.

If you need to change the vehicle within your driver profile, please reach out to us at with the following vehicle information:

  • Type (sedan, van, hatchback, etc)

  • Make

  • Model

  • Year

  • Color

  • Capacity (including yourself, the number of people who can comfortable sit in the vehicle)

  • License plate number

You will also need to submit a new 19 Point Vehicle Inspection form for the new vehicle - as well as a photocopy of your vehicle registration and vehicle insurance policy for the new vehicle.

As a reminder of our Driver and Trip Standards, vehicles must be associated with your Driver Profile before using it in service and all information must be shared with full accuracy to Onward Rides. You cannot conduct a ride in a car that has not been approved by Onward Rides or you may be removed from the Onward Driver Team.

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