Our goal is to ensure the driver and rider feel safe and comfortable at all times while traveling together. It is our expectation that all riders and drivers behave appropriately and abide by the following expectations.

Driver Standards

  • Drivers are classified as part-time W2 employees and are required to complete W4 and I9 forms

All drivers are required to meet the following professional standards

  • Person must be clean and well groomed

  • Clothing must be clean and appropriate; no torn jeans, pajamas, etc

  • Do not use any vulgar or inappropriate language, slurs or derogatory comments

  • Must behave with a professional, calm demeanor at all times

  • Onward has a zero tolerance policy, we require absolutely NO alcohol or drug use prior to a drive or while completing a drive. Any driver suspected of using intoxicating substances will be suspended from driving immediately until an investigation can be completed.

Must incur no moving violations or infractions

  • Must have a Class C driver's license and resubmit proof of license whenever it expires

  • No use of your phone while driving other than for purposes of navigation; must adhere to all distracted driving laws I

  • f you acquire more than 2 moving violations of any kind within a 24 month period or less, you will no longer be eligible to drive with Onward Rides

  • We require a new screening every 12 months to verify current standings

Clean background screening and motor vehicle report

  • If you have been convicted of a crime that shows up on your Background Check you will no longer be eligible to drive with Onward Rides

  • We require a new Background Check every 12 months to verify current status  

Vehicle Standards

Vehicle must maintain the following vehicle standards in order to be an operable vehicle for Onward Rides

  • Must be a 2010 or newer vehicle with at least 4 doors, or driver must receive an exemption

  • Vehicle must be clean, smell neutrally and pass a visual inspection from an Onward hiring team member

  • Vehicle must successfully pass a 19 Point Vehicle Inspection annually and drivers are responsible for resubmitting inspections when expired

  • Vehicle must be associated with your Driver Profile before using it in service and all information must be shared with full accuracy to Onward Rides - you cannot conduct a ride in a car that has not been approved by Onward Rides

  • If a vehicle as been in an accident for any reason or under any circumstance, Onward must be informed promptly and driver may be responsible for completing a new 19 Point Vehicle Inspection based on the damage incurred

With a rider present,

  • Music or radio must be off or only playing soothing music at a low volume

  • Vehicle must be cleared of any objects that would obstruct a rider’s seat(s), legroom, comfort or ability to enter/exit the vehicle

  • If driving an SUV, your vehicle should either have a running board or driver must provide a short step stool or assistance to allow riders easy access into the vehicle

  • We recommend a mounted cell phone so you do not need to pick up your phone or handhold it while driving

  • Do not carry any weapons of any kind in your vehicle when completing a drive

Must have full vehicle insurance coverage, including comprehensive and collision coverage

  • Insurance must be submitted to Onward whenever expired

  • Driver's insurance carrier must be aware and informed of vehicle use for employee work and will contain other persons

  • It is the driver's responsibility to ensure they meet their insurance carrier's requirements (financially or otherwise) related to using their car for the purpose of driving with Onward

  • Without proof of insurance for a vehicle, it cannot be used for any Onward services

Ride Interactions

  • All Rides Notes must be review prior to accept a ride and again prior to a ride beginning

  • Drivers must arrive 5 minutes early to all scheduled drives

  • Upon arrival, drivers must call the rider to let them know they've arrived; please only use text if it is stated as acceptable in the rider notes

  • Rider must be given the assistance that they request; including, but not limited to, being greeted at their door, assistance walking, assistance carrying items, having a wheelchair or walker broken down

  • Do not always assume the rider needs assistance; please ask the rider directly or refer to the rider notes, unless they are using a cane, walker, wheelchair or crutches

  • Before touching a rider, consent must be obtained ​If a rider is injured, extra caution must be used when interacting with or physically helping the rider

  • If a rider is rude or inappropriate with you, you must report it to Onward Rides immediately

  • All service animals are permitted to ride with passengers in vehicles - refusal of a ride due to a service animal is discriminatory and could result in a suspension of your account or removal as a driver

Trip Standards

We require that drivers use the Onward Rides Driver App fully and completely when engaging with an Onward service. Failure to do so may result in removal or suspension from the driver team.

  • Must have the Onward Rides Driver App turned ON and actively running in the background for the entirety of your drive

  • Must have your location services turned ON on your phone and set to "always" - this is required to ensure your location can accurately be tracked during rides only

  • Must use the Start and End function within the Onward Rides Driver App to record the full duration of the ride

  • Prior to departure with a rider, load the destination address into your phone's map application or through the Onward Rides Driver App

Reimbursements are required to be uploaded into the Onward Rides Driver App within 12 hours of a completed ride

  • Reimbursements must be uploaded directly into the app prior to completing a ride

  • Reimbursements must include full photos of the entire receipt - drivers may upload multiple photos for a single reimbursement if necessary

  • All items, except tolls and parking, must include photo receipt and be submitted on the ride within the Onward Rides Driver app or Onward Rides reserves the right to not reimburse the driver

  • Reimbursements are for tolls incurred while with a rider, parking fees while on a drive, groceries, prescriptions and other items requested by Onward Rides or the customer (either the rider or their custodian)

  • Onward Rides does not reimburse: gas, parking or tolls incurred without the rider, or any personal items purchased during the ride

Never ask or collect additional fees directly from the rider

  • If the rider or custodian offer you a cash tip, drivers must decline and reroute them to the Onward Concierge team - no cash can be exchanged

  • If the drive changes from the planned route/time, notify Onward Rides immediately

If a rider requests changes to their scheduled route, and the request is very minimal (for example, picking up lunch after an appointment) and fits within the allotted time for the rider, drivers are encouraged to accept these changes.

  • If the rider request would increase the allotted time or distance, please contact Onward Rides immediately to let them know the ride is changing

  • We encourage drivers to accept these changes, if they can, and drivers will be compensated according to the new ride

  • It is within your right, as the driver, to decline this request if it is outside of your availability

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