First, make sure you've applied by filling out our application here. All eligible applicants will be required to complete a video interview with a member of our hiring team prior to moving to onboarding.

If applicants successfully pass the interview round, they will be moved to onboarding to complete all requirements before they are permitted to drive. 

Onboarding requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Review and Sign Independent Contractor Agreement and required Prop 22 Disclosures (or) Complete Required HR Onboarding Documentation

  • Complete Online Safety Training Requirements

  • CPR/First Aid Certifications

  • 19 Point Vehicle Inspection

  • Background Check and Motor Vehicle Report

  • Proof of Car Insurance

  • Headshot and Bio

All onboarding items must be completed prior to conducting your first ride, unless a special exception has been made for you. Once all onboarding items are complete, you will receive access to the Onward Driver App with instructions on how to get set up and complete your first drive.

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