If you know someone who could use Onward, you can give them a $20 discount and get $20 for yourself.  

How do I give $20?

Tell people you know about Onward and let them know that if they mention your name when booking, they will receive $20 off their first ride. 

If they mention your name when they book, you will also receive $20.

You can also tell us about your friend and we'll contact them about a booking. If they book, you'll receive $20

How do I get $20?

Once your rider has booked a trip, we’ll contact you to let you know that a referral has successfully be done. Once the rider’s trip is completed, we’ll then send you $20.

How many times can I refer people?

As many times as you like!  You and the rider will each got $20 each time.

Other Notes:

  • You must be an Onward rider or driver yourself to participate in this Referral program

  • For a rider, the $20 will be provided as a credit to their account towards a future ride. The credit will be valid for one year.

  • For a driver, the $20 will be deposited in their bank account

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