Minimum Driving Requirements

While we offer flexibility when deciding which rides you pick up and how often you drive, we do have minimum drive requirements. 

If a driver has not driven in a 4 week period, Onward will reach out to ensure they are still satisfied and request feedback to help entice the driver to pick up more rides. If a driver continues to not drive, we will reach out every 2 weeks following the initial 4 weeks requesting feedback.

If a driver does not drive within a 3 month period, the driver will be released from the driver team. If they wish to rejoin, they should reach out to:


Rides claimed by a driver are their responsibility to fulfill. In the event that a driver cannot fulfill their commitment, they are able to transfer their ride to other drivers.  By transferring a ride, the ride will reenter the driver pool for other drivers to claim. If a driver cancels repeatedly, Onward Rides reserves the right to remove that driver from our service.

Some transfers are possible without an associated fee.

  • If the ride is 1 or more weeks out at the time of transferring

  • If it's being transferred within 1 hour of driver claiming the ride (same day rides do not have this grace period) 

All other rides are only possible to cancel/transfer by paying a transfer fee. Any driver picking up a transferred ride will reap the benefit of the entire transfer fee as an incentive to help out their fellow driver.

Transfer Fees

  • More than 2 days prior to the ride, a $5 transfer fee will be applied

  • Within 2 days prior to the ride, a $10 transfer fee will be applied

Transfer Rules

  • Whenever a committed ride cannot be completed, regardless of reason, it will be transferred and when applicable, the fee will be applied; there are no exceptions for waving a transfer fee

  • Drivers will be charged the fee automatically upon transfer of the ride, paid through their OnPay account 

  • All transfer fees will be attached to the payout amount, visible within the Onward Driver App, and go to the new driver who picks up the ride upon completion of the ride

  • If a ride is transferred multiple times, the transfer fees will accumulate on the payout so the final driver may get a payout inclusive of multiple transfer fees

  • If no driver is found for the ride and it must be cancelled, all accumulated transfer fees will go to the rider/custodian as a credit to be used in a future ride


Similar to canceling a ride, it’s important that commitments are fulfilled successfully. If you’re running late, we understand but if it happens often, it may result in being removed as a driver in our system. We will reach out to you directly in the event that tardiness becomes an issue.


Our riders form close, companionship relationships with their drivers and may want to give a tip. Riders and their custodians are able to leave tips for drivers in two ways: 

  1. If they are using the Onward Rider App, they are able to leave a tip once the ride has been completed through the app

  2. For riders who call in, they are able to leave a tip by verbally letting us know they'd like to do so and Onward Rides can alter the ride payout

Riders of the senior demographic often have difficulty with their memory, counting money or tracking their money, causing accidental over/under tipping or confusion around tipping expectations. Because of this, cash must never be exchanged for a tip. All tips must only be done electronically or drivers will be in violation of their rideshare insurance coverage. 

Drivers should never ask the rider for any additional fees or request a tip from them directly; if the drive changes from the planned route/time, notify Onward Rides immediately

Going Off Platform

  • Soliciting riders for any services outside of Onward Rides is forbidden

  • Drivers with Onward Rides are never allowed to drive or render any other services for Onward Rides riders outside of the Onward Rides system and platform without explicit consent from Onward Rides

  • If a driver conducts business with a rider outside of the Onward Rides business without previous authorization, driver will be released as a driver immediately

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