To get started, you will first need to download the Onward Driver App.

  • You can do this from your phone's app store

  • Please double check that you have the driver app and not the rider app

  • Once downloaded, please wait to engage with the app until you have received a text from Onward Rides

Once you receive a text message from Onward Rides containing a link, you will click on it and it will route you into the Onward Driver App.

  • You will be logged in with the information from your driver profile and you will be asked to update your password

  • Your username is the email you gave us when you applied and you can confirm your email through Settings

  • This link must be used only after you have successfully downloaded the Onward Driver App

Once your password has been updated, you will be routed to your "dashboard" where you can see all available rides. 

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