Requests Tab

When you enter the app, you will see all rides that are available for you to pick up on the "Requests Tab". Until you’ve updated your ride preferences, all available rides across all days and locations will show up here. 

Reviewing Ride Details

To accept a ride, click into the rider card to first review the ride details. You will want to review all information on a ride card prior to committing to a ride. 

Within the Rider Details, you will always see basic information about the ride including: date and time of the trip, if it’s a roundtrip or one way, and the estimated payout. Typically, you will see details around the location and location instructions as well as details about the rider.

Details about the rider include how much assistance they will need based on their mobility level as well as any hearing, vision, cognitive impairments, or language barriers. 

Below the Rider Details you will also see Ride Notes. Within Ride Notes, you will find important extra information. For example, this may include things like if the rider is having a procedure and will be mildly sedated, if the rider wants to make extra stops on their journey, if there is a driver gender or car preference. 

Accepting Rides

Once you've reviewed all details and feel confident that it's a perfect drive for you, you can swipe to accept the ride. Rides you've accepted or been assigned, by talking with our Concierge Team, can all be found under the Upcoming Tab.

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