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Upcoming Tab
All rides you're assigned can be found within the "Upcoming" tab.

One hour prior to your ride, you will receive a notification that your ride is upcoming. We expect drivers to be to their pickup destination 5-10 minutes prior to the start time to ensure they are ready and waiting for their drive.

To Complete A Ride

When your ride begins, please go to the "Upcoming" tab and find the corresponding ride card - it should be the very first one at the top and may open automatically for you when entering the app close to your ride start time. 

You will then open the ride details by selecting the ride card. 

At the bottom of the ride details, you will see a "Start" button. When the rider has made contact and the ride has begun, please select "Start". 

Once a ride is complete, you can use the same screen to select "End".


If there are no extra charges on the ride, the rider will be charged immediately upon ride completion and your payment through Stripe will be initiated. 

If there are extra payments - like, tolls or parking fees - please let Onward Rides know by calling or texting and the charges/payout will be appropriately adjusted.

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