Completing A Ride

Once you have completed your trip and safely arrived at the drop-off destination, you can end your ride. In the Driver App, during the trip, the app will display a "Trip In Progress" card. When you arrive at your destination, scroll to the bottom of the screen and swiping to End.

Ending the ride notifies everyone that the rider has safely made it to their destination.

If you are transporting a rider into their home, please be sure to end the ride after you have finished escorting the rider to their specified destination. This will allow everyone, including Onward, to see that the rider is safe.

Adjusting The Ride Details

Once you’ve ended your ride, you will be able to review key information to ensure accuracy and make any adjustments. If you encountered a toll for your ride or on your way home due to a ride, please enter the toll amount and you will be reimbursed.

As a reminder, whenever you cross a bridge with a rider, regardless of direction, you will want to enter that toll. If you cross the same bridge twice, please only enter the toll amount once.

Once you have reviewed the ride details, click "Submit". This will start the payment process.

Reviewing Ride History

To review a complete history of your rides with Onward, go to the menu and select "Ride History". You see details about your previously completed rides such as

  • Base pay

  • Bonuses

  • Mileage reimbursement.

If you’re looking for more information regarding your payment history, please review your paystubs in Stripe.

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