Completing A Ride

Once your drive is complete, you can end your ride by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and simply swiping to End. This will allow everyone, including Onward, to see the rider has safely made it to their destination.

Adjusting The Ride Details

Once you’ve ended your ride, you will be able to review key information about the ride to ensure it’s accurate as well as make adjustments if something doesn’t look right. For example, maybe you swiped early so you wouldn’t forget and need to adjust the time to be more accurate. Or, you crossed over a toll and need to enter the amount you’ll be reimbursed.

As a reminder, whenever you cross a bridge with a rider, regardless of direction, you will want to enter that toll. If you cross the same bridge twice, please only enter the toll amount once.

Once this review is complete and everything looks correct, you can submit your ride which will kick off the payment process.

Reviewing Ride History

If you’re ever curious to see a history of all rides you’ve completed with Onward, you can go to the menu and select Ride History. From here, you can click into see details about previously completed rides - like, base pay, bonuses and mileage reimbursement.

If you’re looking for more information on your payment history, you can also review the paystubs you receive within OnPay.

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