Often a rider has an appointment that might take a long time, maybe 2 or more hours and the question arises, should they get one driver to take them to the appointment and bring them home or set up two rides, one from their home to the appointment and then a second picking them up and bringing them back home?

There isn't a universally correct answer. It depends on the level of assistance needed, the certainty of pickup time and other factors. Let's look at when one type is optimal over the other: 

Benefits of a Roundtrip Ride: 

  • No waiting. The second you're ready to leave your appointment, your driver will be available for you.  

  • Familiarity.  Because your outing is just one trip, you will have the same driver the entire time and not have to worry about a new car or person on your trip home.

  • Easy Return. Often the pickup spot for the second leg of your trip can be difficult to find as you might have moved offices or areas of a hospital or moved on from a lunch spot to get coffee or ice cream. Because your driver has stayed with you, they know exactly where you are all the time and there is no need to explain to a new driver your location.

  • Ease of Booking. With only one pickup to coordinate and one driver, a roundtrip booking is easy for everyone. 

Benefits of Two One-Way Trips:

  • Save Money. You will not need to pay for time when you are not with the driver

  • Autonomy. When you get to your destination, if you prefer to have time to yourself or with your friends and away from your driver, schedule two rides. 

  • Flexibility.  If you're not sure if you need one of the legs of your trip, you might be better off booking two rides so you can cancel one of the legs without jeopardizing the entire trip.

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