At Onward, we use a third party integration called Stripe to process all of our payments electronically. 

Setting Up Stripe

To set up your Stripe account, you will want to first download the Onward Driver App. 

Before you can accept a ride from the Requests tab, you will need to set up your Stripe account by going to upper left hand menu and selecting Payments from the list. From this screen, you will be routed to Stripe to set up your account.

Make sure you have your bank account and routing information handy when setting up your account. This information can be found on a secure bank statement, a check or your banking app. 

If at any time you need to update this information, or you're interested to see the total amount you've been paid while working with Onward Rides, you can always access your Stripe dashboard by going to the upper left hand menu, selecting Payments and entering into Stripe.

Getting Paid With Stripe

Your first Stripe payment can take up to 10 business days. This allows Stripe to ensure the connection is secure and do a few tests ensuring you're real, your bank account is real and you're getting paid securely.

All subsequent standard payments can take up to 2 business days. Or, if you opt in to Fast Payouts, you can get paid within 12 hours. Learn more details about Fast Payout.

Sometimes 2 business days can be several days. For example, if you complete a ride on Friday afternoon, your payment will initiated in Stripe on Monday and you may not see payment until Tuesday. You may be paid faster than this, as some banks are able to process payments quickly upon receiving the payment from Stripe, while other banks may take the entire 2 business days to process.

Benefits Of Using Stripe

  • Contains and process all information for your 1099 contract and taxes
  • Hyper secure network and processing
  • Direct deposit into your bank account
  • Allows us to scale our efforts - without Stripe, we wouldn't be able to continually add more drivers and riders
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