Some of our policies for customers have impact on our drivers. Below outlines all rider policies that have effect on our drivers. 

Service Cancellation
If a customer cancels more than 24 hours in advance, there is no penalty for them. Drivers will be updated through the app that the service has been canceled and drivers should not fulfill canceled ride, delivery, etc.

If a customer cancels less than 24 hours in advance, they will be charged a cancel fee and the driver will receive up to $15 compensation. But, if it's within 2 hours of the service, drivers will be compensated for a minimum of an hour, up to a $40 payout.

For more information about ride cancelation, check out this article.

Service Alteration
If a service is more than 24 hours out, a customer is allowed to alter the date and time of their service without penalty. If you have accepted a ride and these adjustments mean you are no longer able to fulfill it, Onward Rides will offer it to other drivers.

If a ride is being altered within 24 hours of the start time, we will contact the driver to see if they can accommodate the change. If not, it will be offered to other drivers. If no drivers are able to pick up the adjusted ride, we will either have the driver arrive at the originally scheduled time or the ride will be canceled and the driver will be compensated up to $15. 

There is no pressure for a driver to agree to last minute changes or accommodations. 

For more information about ride alterations, check out this article.

If a rider is not ready when a driver arrives, drivers should start the ride and wait for the rider. All wait times and assist times (helping to/from the car, breaking down a walker, etc) are included in the time of the drive. For more information about waiting, check out this article.

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