Importance of CPR + FirstAid Certifications

Onward Rides requires all drivers complete CPR and FirstAid certifications. 

These course references are important due to our rider demographic; individuals who are older or need assistance may be of a higher likelihood to need extra assistance. By completing these courses, you will be better equipped and enabled to execute on our shared mission of providing the best door-to-door assisted transportation service to older adults and others needing assistance. These certifications show our riders that you are compassionate, caring and capable of assisting them during times that may be their most vulnerable. 

If you already have a CPR and/or FirstAid certificate that is not expired, please provide a photocopy of the certificate to Those able to provide their certificate will be exempt from completing these courses.

Using CPR + FirstAid Knowledge

While taking these courses is beneficial and informative, it does not require you to take action in an emergency situation. This certification will result in you being more informed but it does not mean you're required to conduct CPR on a rider. In any emergency, the best practice is always to call 911, remain calm and stay with the rider.

Please note, we have a detailed list of what you should do for a variety of scenarios on our Incident Protocols page.


CPR and FirstAid certifications are free to Onward drivers through our online certification platform!

Login Steps

  1. Click HERE to begin or, you can copy and paste this URL into your browser:

  2. Create your profile/login by entering your email address and clicking the blue Complete Registration button.

  3. Review all required course material and complete required quiz(zes). Onward Rides has already selected the correct course - it is a CPR and FirstAid certification course.

  4. Click the green Confirm button once you are done with all course material and quiz(zes). Note: This must be done to finalize the completion of your course.

  5. You will then be redirected back to your account dashboard where you can see and print copies of your certificate. A copy will also be sent to the email address in your profile, as well as Onward Rides. 

  6. Once done, logout of your account by clicking the red Logout button on the left side of your screen.

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