In the event of an extreme and wide spread event that impacts the safety of riders and drivers, Onward Rides reserves the right to implement safety protocols including, but not limited to, canceling rides without penalty to riders or drivers and requiring increased safety measures like wearing masks.

Events can include, but are not limited to:

  • Inclement, extreme or dangerous weather

  • Power outages

  • Terror activity

  • National emergencies

  • Pandemic or wide-spread illness

Emergency Cancelations

If and when this occurs, Onward Rides will accept canceled rides from both riders and drivers - neither will be penalized. Onward Rides will immediately inform the effected party of the cancelation and make them aware of the emergency event. For example, if a rider cancels a ride due to a high volume of snow, Onward Rides will contact the driver and explain why there is a cancelation. Onward Rides will work to ensure this information is shared with all parties as soon as they are informed of a potential emergency to minimize the inconvenience. 

Because there are no penalties in this situation, riders will not be charged, drivers will not be compensated and drivers will not pay a transfer fee for these types of last minute cancellations. 

Emergency Safety Protocols

In the event of wide-spread illness - or any other emergency where safety is in question - Onward Rides reserves the right to require drivers and riders to take extra precautions. As an example, please see Coronavirus Protocols.

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