Communicating with our Concierge Team

Our Concierge Team oversees all logistics with rides.

Our Concierge Team take the majority of rider calls and review all scheduled rides as well as ensure rides are picked up by drivers. Whenever you have a question about your upcoming ride or rider, they are the best people to speak with and can be reached by text at 833-323-4833.

While you can also call them at 1-800-700-4797, please note that our Concierge team is small and typically on the phone with customers. The best way to reach them is through text. If you are currently with a rider, or en route to a rider, and your matter is of immediate concern, please include "URGENT" in your text.

When rides come in last minute or we need help fulfilling a ride, our Concierge Team will reach out to you directly through text message. If this ride is during a time that you're busy, is too far out of your area or simply isn't a ride you want to complete, that's no problem. The most important thing to keep in mind is letting them know as soon as you can whether or not you'll be able to help out the rider.

Headed out of town?

No problem - and enjoy your time off! But before heading out for vacation, we'd like you to message or send us a text at 833-323-4833 with the dates that you'll be out of town so the Concierge Team knows you'll be gone and we can set your status to "paused" in our system. This allows us to skip notifying you of rides so you can have a peaceful time off.

Communicating with Sarah Pontier

Sarah oversees all driver hiring, policies and procedures.

For all driver team applicants and those going through onboarding, please use Sarah as your primary point of contact. All communication during this phase will be by text, email and video interviews. The best way to reach Sarah during this phase is to respond to any of the automated emails you receive from the Fountain application tool.

Once hired, if drivers have any issues while working with Onward Rides, feedback, rider stories or are in violation of any agreed Standards & Policies, contact with Sarah can be made by text at 833-323-4833 (the Concierge team will notify her) or by emailing her directly at

Using the Driver Email

For any general questions, or if you aren't sure who is best to contact, please use You can use this email to ensure an Onward Team Member will see your issue and respond accordingly.

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