Upcoming Tab

The rides you've accepted and have been assigned, can be found within the "Upcoming" Tab.

Upcoming trip notifications are triggered one hour prior to your ride. We expect drivers to arrive at the pickup location 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the ride with a clean vehicle.

Reviewing Ride Details

Before you pick up your rider, be sure to re-review all Rider Details and Ride Notes. You can do this by clicking into the "Ride Card". Key information about the ride, the rider's condition and their level of assistance will be conveyed here. By enabling the "MapIt" feature, you can use your preferred navigation service.

Starting A Ride

When it’s time to start the ride, scroll to the bottom of the screen and swipe the Start icon. Swiping the "Start Icon" triggers the ride. It is imperative to start the ride to ensure proper payment.

No Show Rider

If a rider is unable to be found, you are able to mark them as a "No Show" within the Onward Driver App.

To complete this action:

  1. At the start time of the ride, you must always swipe to start the ride - even if you are not yet with the rider. This is true for all rides, as you are always paid for your time starting at the start time of the ride, even when the rider is running late or behind.

  2. Ensure that you have tried every attempt to contact the rider - including calling the rider, calling the custodian, getting out of your vehicle and going to the entrance of the pickup location.

  3. Finally, if you are unable to reach the rider (and/or custodian if one is listed), you can select the new "No Show" option within the ride details screen after you've swiped to start the ride. This will pop-up a screen that requires you to confirm you've taken every action you can to find the rider as well as give more details about what happened.

  4. Once the ride has been marked as a "No Show", you will be paid out the hour minimum rate for the ride and Onward will be notified to review the ride.

If drivers are found to be marking rides as "No Show" without making every attempt to reach the customer before leaving the ride, this would be grounds for removal from the Onward Driver Team.

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