Upcoming Tab

All rides you've accepted, and been assigned, can be found within the Upcoming Tab.

One hour prior to your ride, you will receive a notification that your ride is upcoming. We expect drivers to be to their pickup destination 5-10 minutes prior to the start time to ensure they are ready and waiting for their drive.

Reviewing Ride Details

It’s important, prior to picking up the rider, to re-review all Rider Details and Ride Notes. You can do this by clicking into the ride card. 

There may be updates since the last time you reviewed them and key information like instructions on picking up the rider, the condition of the rider or their level of required assistance are all outlined here.

You can also use the MapIt feature - which will open up your native Maps App so you can proceed with directions as you normally do on your smartphone.

Starting A Ride

When it’s time to start the ride, scroll to the bottom of the screen and simply swipe to Start. This will let everyone, including Onward, know that the ride has begun and the rider is safely on the way to their destination. 

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