Are you seeing too many unwanted or ill-fitting rides in the Requests Tab?

To limit rides in the Requests Tab based on your availability and region preferences, click on the icon in the top left corner and go to Ride Preferences from the menu.

From here, you can turn off regions you don't wish to drive in by toggling them off. You can also turn off days you aren't available to work and further specify times that you're available. This is great if you never want to work on Sunday or your other part-time job keeps you busy every Tuesday until 1 PM.

You're also able to set your assistance preference, which will remove any riders requiring a level of assistance you are unable to offer. For example, if you’re uncomfortable lifting another person you will want to select a level below Full. 

Any changes made here will reflect on the Requests Tab by limiting which available rides appear for you. If you aren’t seeing enough rides, make sure to check your preferences to see if you need to update them to see more rides.

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