Fast Payouts allow drivers to pay 75 cents to get their payout within 12 hours of the completion of a drive. This small fee will be automatically deducted from the payout amount.

If your connected Stripe account is eligible to use Fast Payouts, there are two ways to enable it in your Onward Driver App:

  1. If you want all payouts to always default to this option, you can set this preference by going to the menu in the upper left corner, selecting Payment from the menu and then enabling the "Use Fast Payout" toggle to set your default.
  2. If you want to selectively decide which rides use the Fast Payout option, you can leave the setting disabled and instead toggle it on/off on the ride details review screen you see upon completing your ride.

Without selecting the Fast Payout option, all payments will continue to be made with our standard Stripe process.


What if it says I am not eligible to get Fast Payouts?
Not all bank accounts or debit cards are able to support this option. For reference of which banks support Fast Payout, please review this Stripe help article:

Debit cards are more likely to have success with Fast Payouts so if you've connected a bank account, you can easily update your Stripe account to use a debit card instead. To do this, you will go to the menu in the upper left hand corner of the Onward Driver App, select Payment and then click into your Stripe Dashboard. From here, you're able to update which account is linked in Stripe.

Why "within 12 hours" and not instantly?
Riders and drivers have the ability to review all ride details for up to 12 hours after the ride. This is to ensure accuracy of start and end times as well as to ensure reimbursements like tolls or parking are accurately reflected.

If a driver and rider review the ride quickly, payouts will be started faster than the 12 hour delay.

How does Fast Payout work with tips?
All tips must be added within the 12 hour window as part of the rider reviewing the ride details at the end of the ride.  As a result, tips will be included in Fast Payouts if one exists on the ride.

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