The coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted all of our lives. Because our services are providing work related to "essential business", Onward Rides will continue to operate to help older adults get to necessary medical appointments and procedures (ex, dialysis) as well as access food and medication. 

Continuing To Drive

It is solely up to you, the driver, to determine if you feel comfortable continuing to service rides. If you are a member of a vulnerable population who is at high-risk of COVID-19, we request that you temporarily cease driving with us until you feel comfortable doing so. We also request that if you travel, let us know so we can pause your rides for two weeks from your return date. Any driver who chooses to be paused during this pandemic will not jeopardize their employment and will be able to return to the Onward Driver Team.

Passenger Safety Measures

All riders will be asked about the necessity of their travel when booking a ride.
Appointments pertaining to their access to the doctor or medical treatments (ex, dialysis) will continue to be supported. Riders who are contagious will not be allowed to book rides with Onward.

All employees are required to keep their car clean and only show up for work when healthy.

To help you stay safe during your trips with Onward, we will be providing a subsidy for you to purchase hand sanitizer. In addition we will be supplying mask. You will receive a form where you can, at any time, request more sanitizer or masks.

To ensure we are thinking of the safety of our riders and drivers, we will also be requiring the following safety measures when accompanying riders.

  • Above and beyond always having a clean vehicle, please wipe down the interior of your vehicle with a disinfectant wipe before and after each ride. Specifically wipe down high touch areas such as the door frame, handles, windows, seatbelt buckles, and trunk latch. Include the time needed to clean your car in your time submitted so you are compensated for this effort.

  • Please use hand sanitizer for yourself before and after each rider interaction

  • We also ask that you offer and have available hand sanitizer to your riders

  • Drivers and riders are required to where face masks at all times - if a rider does not have one, one can be provided by Onward. If the rider refuses to wear a mask, notify Onward and we will cancel the ride on behalf of the rider.

  • Social distancing is important. Rider's should always sit in the back - as this allows for the greatest distance between the rider and driver

  • If possible, windows should be kept open in your vehicle - as this allows for better ventilation.

Prescription + Grocery Services

Onward will be offering to help older adults and other vulnerable community members with more service options. We will be offering the ability to pick up groceries, medication and more for our riders and dropping them off contact-free. 

You will continue to use the Onward Driver App for these rides.
All rides of this type will be noted as a "Delivery" ride in the Onward Driver App and all delivery details/requests will be explicitly stated in the Ride Notes, including all necessary information to successfully pick-up and drop-off the items. For example, if it's a prescription we will list the name of each medication as well as the customer's birthdate. Or, if they'd like you to call if an item at the grocery is no longer available.

Drivers will accept, start and end these rides as normal but instead of engaging with a rider, you will be completing the pick-up order and dropping it off.

On these rides, Drivers will be responsible for initially paying for all items in the pick-up and will need to take photos of their receipts. Upon dropping off the items and swiping to end the ride, text the Onward Ops team the photos of your receipt(s) and enter the reimbursement amount in the Onward Driver App.  

When engaging with items, please use extra precaution.
We are requesting your cooperation in a few additional safety measures when interacting with these items.

  • Ensure you and your car continue to adhere to the standards outlined above

  • Clean and disinfect your hands before entering and after exiting the item pick-up location(s)

  • Disinfect store cart or basket with a wipe or sanitizer

  • Minimize the amount of unnecessary engagement with items, people and structures

When dropping off an item, we ask that you do the following to minimize potential contact.

  • When possible, wipe the outside of delivery bags/items to disinfect before putting them outside the drop-off location door

  • Knock on door then step 6 ft away from door and wait for person to answer

  • If they don't come to the door, call the customer and leave a message letting them know it's outside - then you are able to leave

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