How do I ensure my location tracking is on?

Within the Onward Driver app, it's important that drivers allow our app to "always" track their location. Depending on the kind of phone you have, this may be phrased a few different ways. We ask that you select the most robust location tracking option for your phone and whenever prompted, to continually select the option that most closely reflects "always".

Your phone will prompt you to obtain consent for tracking your location the first time you use it. If you're unsure if you've given us permission or need help navigating to this permission setting, you can do so from within the Onward Driver app by going into Settings and selecting Permissions from the menu. Within Permissions, you will be able to read about these settings as well as select "Open Settings" - which will take you into your phone settings to review the permissions you've given us.

Why is my location being tracked?

First and foremost, we require location tracking to ensure safety - of both the driver and rider. Tracking your location ensures all details related to where you and the rider are can be easily monitored, in case something goes wrong.

There are also several second-hand benefits achieved by tracking your location, including but not limited to:

  • Paying drivers accurately for mileage incurred while driving with a rider.

  • Customers can be given a heads up about driver arrivals, including if a driver is running late or early.

  • Custodians are able to track their rider - which is especially beneficial if they are on the receiving end of the rider, or the rider suffers from memory loss, etc.

There are also future enhancements we hope to make as a result of this work - including benefits to drivers like optimizing driver routes or ride offerings.

When is my location being tracked?

We will only track your location while you are servicing a ride with us. That includes up to 30 minutes prior to the start time of the ride (typically when you are en route to the first pickup location) until you finish the ride and swipe "Complete Ride".

We do not track you outside of servicing a ride with us. However, it is required to select the highest level location tracking because during the course of your trip, you are likely to use other apps - like Google Maps, for example. We need the ability to track your location throughout your entire trip - regardless of if you are actively using apps other than the Onward Driver app during your trip.

What if I'm not comfortable having my location tracked?

If you are uncomfortable with this setting, you may not continue as an Onward Driver.

Please note that if we see your location tracking not on the highest setting, we will reach out to help you remedy it within your phone settings.

Example of Location Tracking phone permissions

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