OnPay is the system we use to manage and payout all W2 drivers. Within this system, drivers will be able to complete and access their W4 and I9 form as well as their Notice to Employee within Onward Rides Standards & Policies, including all protocols.

Before you start in OnPay

Before going into set up your OnPay account for the first time, there are a few things to make sure you've done ahead of time:

  1. Make sure you understand what it means to be a part-time W2 employee.

  2. Make sure you have your bank account information ready with an account that accepts direct deposit - you should be able to use the same account you previously set up with Stripe!

  3. There is no phone app for OnPay so the best place to complete this process is through your desktop or laptop computer.

Check your email for a message from OnPay

Using the email address submitted to us when you first applied, you will receive an email from OnPay with the subject "Welcome Aboard!". You will see this is being sent from Onward Care, Inc and you will be prompted to click the red link to go into the OnPay portal to setup your account password.

Setting up your password

When signing into OnPay for the first time, you will be asked to create a "strong" password. OnPay requires that passwords must contain at least 12 characters and be a combination of letters and symbols or numbers. Please be advised that OnPay will not allow you to create your account without the creation of a password that adheres to their security rules.

Onboarding steps within OnPay

Once you've entered into OnPay after creating your password, you will complete 3 enrollment steps. Once your enrollment steps are complete, you will be taken to your main employee dashboard - from here, you'll be able to complete all required tasks as well as confirm your bank account setup and other information.

Step 1: Personal Information

When completing this first section, you are required to give us your full name, SSN, DOB, contact information, home address, citizenship eligibility status and emergency contact.

Step 2: Tax Withholding Allowances

When filling out your federal tax withholdings, we recommend you review both the IRS' standard W4 form as well as their tax withholding estimator. Please do not switch to the legacy W4 form - as the 2020 W4 form is both easier to understand, includes more information on the standard W4 form and is required as it is currently 2020.

When completing your federal and state tax withholdings, you are welcome to enter additional values for your allowances, withholdings, dependents and more. You are not required to make any additional changes but we encourage you, as the employee, to understand your own tax withholdings as different circumstances (divorce, married but filing separately, dependent family members, etc) may require you to enter specific information to take advantage of those tax filing statuses.

Step 3: Payroll Deposit Preferences

During the enrollment process, your final screen within the initial enrollment process will be to complete your bank account information so you can be paid through direct deposit. We require all W2 employees to be paid through direct deposit.

Once you've completed the enrollment process, please confirm that your bank account information was successfully set up with direct deposit by using the left-hand menu in your account and clicking on Bank Account. From within here, you can confirm your bank account details, or add them if you bypassed it when initially enrolling.

If direct deposit is not successfully setup on your account, you may be delayed in getting paid as the system only informs us of no bank account being set up at the time of running payroll. As a result, your payment will be delayed until your direct deposit bank account is successfully setup.

Step 4: Complete assigned tasks

Once your enrollment is complete, there are several items you need to review and sign. Anything that requires your attention will be listed as a task on your main dashboard page - and you should receive a notification to your email about the tasks needing to be completed.

These tasks include:

  • W4 form

  • I9 form

  • Notice to Employee (Onward Rides Standards & Policies)

Within your OnPay dashboard, you can find your tasks here:

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