When conducting a ride and arriving at the customer pickup location, do whatever you can to find the rider. Call all the necessary numbers, and get out of the car and knock on all the necessary doors to try to locate the drivers. One of the reasons our customers use us instead of other services is that we go the extra mile to make sure the pickup and dropoff happen.

However, if the rider no longer wants to go or can't be found, the ride is considered a "no show" and you can mark it as such in the Onward app.

To find it, first make sure the ride has been started and is "in progress." You will then see a option to mark the ride as a No Show


  • This option to mark a "No Show" is not available on deliveries

  • After selecting all the checkboxes we bring up a text field for additional details

  • The "Mark No Show" button is disabled until all checkboxes have been checked and the details field has been filled out

  • When a driver marks a ride as a No Show the following things happen:

    • The customer is notified (real time in app and based on their notification preferences)

    • The Concierge Team is notified and will investigate more

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